Does the Results Project sell supplements?

No. We are a care group and a youngsters’ privileges advocate that trusts in supplements, however doesn’t sell, underwrite or advance one brand. We do suggest “when lab testing demonstrates” that you are exhausted in your fundamental RDA that you need enhancements to go get a few. We give our members data on the most proficient method to pick a natural, poisonous free, bio-accessible item that has demonstrated adequacy. We additionally have dietary advisors who can suggest items that fulfill our guidelines.

For what reason doesn’t the Results Project sell supplements?

Regardless of whether a man has been creeping through the hot desert without water for 4 days and the Results Project offers to sell that man water, a few group and organizations will blame us for supplicating on the frantic and defenseless. On the off chance that the Results Project sells B-12 from out site after individuals have taken a lab test demonstrating they are B-12 lacking, certain as shooting, somebody will consider the test a fake and blame us for fashioning the tests exclusively to sell our B-12.

Haven’t we as of late seen Steve Plog selling supplements at courses?

Actually no, not Steve by and by. Steve has been recruited by individuals selling supplements in wellbeing food stores, on the web, from direct deals and private mark delegates. My responsibility is to come in and do my normal show on the requirement for lab testing for supplement consumptions. After my task is finished and individuals are sold on requiring supplements, I venture down and the organization that welcomed me to talk makes that big appearance and presents their enhancement line. Mr. Plog is an International public speaker who has been the Keynote speaker for the PTA, Learning Disabilities Association, the Counseling Association just as PEN-ON of Canada.

What enhancements does Steve take?

Mr. Plog’s own conviction is that nobody organization has the absolute best in all classes. At the point when you consider that we have Vitamins, Minerals, Essential Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, Herbs, Antioxidants, Pro-biotics, Pre-biotics, Phytonutrients, Glyconutrients, Phytosterols and so forth, it is bonehead to think one organization has the absolute best in each class. Most organizations have a leader item that they have invested the vast majority of their energy, exploration and cash to create. Steve utilizes the lead item from a few organizations consistently for his significant other, little girl and himself.

What do we expect to acquire with this position?

The Results Project is suggesting labs that don’t attempt to sell you supplements in the wake of demonstrating you need them. They get paid on the lab test results, not on what happens a short time later. So you get unprejudiced outcomes. They are given and suggested by the Results Project who doesn’t sell supplements. What we will achieve with this position is demonstrating you need great sustenance to fight the medication organizations who attempt to ruin supplements in any capacity they can. Huge Pharma is continually calling attention to that individuals who sell supplements are just doing it for the cash, yet when they sell tranquilizes, it’s to your benefit?