The International Results Project Endowment, Inc.

a Non-Profit Educational Corporation

The Results Project is an association with help bunches situated in America, Canada, and Australia devoted to getting kids marked learning handicapped, ADD, or other different problems off of superfluous medications.

In the event that a medication is important, take it. Decide need with logical lab testing, not visual assessments.

Research facilities run basic tests requested by specialists to decide the underlying drivers of your side effects. For instance, on the off chance that you eat sweets and get hyper, outwardly you appear as though you have ADHD, however sugar is the genuine reason for the issue.

Here is an online overview that will help give you understanding into potential reasons for your manifestations. You can likewise join our 4-month online home investigation program that will teach you on numerous issues encompassing ADD and other purported learning issues. You can see Steve Plog’s DVD on the web, watch his TV meetings, and read through all the examination on this site.

We will be your backer just as your care group while investigating how to limit medicates and be glad, solid and fruitful.

Steve Plog has spoken at public and worldwide workshops from gatherings like the PTA, the Learning Disabilities Association, (LDA), the Counseling Association and the Canadian Para-Education Network of Ontario (PEN-ON). We can likewise talk at your next occasion, reach us for subtleties.

We offer arrangements, done at home, utilizing efficient lab test that don’t need a specialist’s visit. Talk with the labs in regards to the conceivably of protection inclusion. Every strategy is unique.

Welcome to the site that accepts kids who are splendid, savvy, innovative, autonomous, hazard taking, creative, solid willed and charming. We call them “Fast Smart Kids!” Join our program and get a guard sticker that reflects how glad you are of your youngsters – simply the manner in which they are.