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Psychotropic Drugs

Dangers of Psychotropic Drugs
and being diagnosed with ADD/ADHD

The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), MedWatch program, a wholly voluntary system for the reporting of post-marketing complications of drugs, reported 160 deaths from methylphenidate (Ritalin and all generic and proprietary forms), from 1990-1997 alone. Below a links to reports of some of the dangers of psychotropic drugs, and risks of having your child diagnosed as having ADD/ADHD.

 New Research Indicts Ritalin - by: Kelly Patricia OíMeara
    "A recent study reveals that the drug being prescribed to tens of millions of school-age children for a scientifically unproved mental disorder is more potent than cocaine."

 DEA Congressional Testimony - from May 16th, 2000
This staggering testimony will make you ask why the FDA hasn't banned the prescribing of psychotropic drugs like; methylphenidate (commonly known as Ritalin ©) and amphetamine (primarily Adderall © and Dexedrine ©) and others used in the treatment of ADD/ADHD and other "learning disorders," at least until a lot more studies on the effects of using these drugs.

 Death From Ritalin - Mathew Smith
A father's words about the death of his fourteen-Year-old Son Matthew. He died on March 21, 2000. The cause was determined by the medical examiner to be from the long- term (age 7-14) use of Methylphenidate a medication commonly known as Ritalin ©.

 Death From Ritalin - Shaina Louise Dunkle
A mother's words about the death of her ten-Year-old daughter Shaina. she died February 26th, 2001. Her death certificate states no other cause of death except for Desipramine toxicity.

 Who Killed Stephanie Hall - by: Dr Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD
If you saw CBSí Hard Copy, June 24, 1998, you saw Stephanie Hall. In this article Stephanie's mother recalls her life from age six, when a teacher suggested she be tested for ADD, until her death only 5 years later. The coroner's report listed the cause of death as Cardiac arrhythmia by natural cause. You decide!

 Forced Ritalin use sounds like '1984' - USA Today Aug 16, 2000
USA TODAY's article on parents' being pressured to put kids on Ritalin sounded an alarm for anyone concerned about civil liberties and the integrity of the family unit ("Parents pressured to put kids on drugs," Life, Aug. 8). If we want our families to be strong, we must hold dear the rights and responsibilities of parents to their children.

 Parents Pressured To Put Kids On Ritalin - USA Today Aug. 8, 2000
Some public schools are accusing parents of child abuse when they balk at giving their kids drugs such as Ritalin ©, and as judges begin to agree, some parents are medicating their children for fear of having them hauled away.

 Great American Drug Conspiracy - Undermining America at it's Roots
We are told this website is relatively new with some out-dated links, but states it's, "primary focus is to address and combat the attack of drug companies on the foundation and greatest asset of our great country.... our Children!". They also tell us it will be updated shortly, and will contain a compilation of over 150 articles.

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