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Welcome To The Results Project Website!

What Is The Results Project?

The Results Project is an organization with support groups located in America, Canada, and Australia dedicated to getting kids labeled learning disabled, ADD, or other various disorders off of unnecessary drugs.

If a drug is necessary, take it. Determine necessity with scientific lab testing, not visual evaluations.

Laboratories run simple tests ordered by doctors to determine the root causes of your symptoms. For example, if you eat candy and get hyper, visually you look like you have ADHD, but sugar is the real cause of the problem.

Here is an online survey that will help give you insight into possible causes of your symptoms. You can also join our 4-month online home study program that will educate you on many issues surrounding ADD and other so-called learning disorders. You can view Steve Plog's DVD online, watch his TV interviews, and read through all the research on this website.

We will be your advocate as well as your support group while exploring how to minimize drugs and be happy, healthy and successful.

Steve Plog has spoken at national and international seminars from groups such as the PTA, the Learning Disabilities Association, (LDA), the Counseling Association and the Canadian Para-Education Network of Ontario (PEN-ON). We can also speak at your next event, contact us for details.

We offer solutions, done at home, using economical lab test that don't require a doctor's visit. Consult with the labs regarding the possibly of insurance coverage. Each policy is different.

Welcome to the site that embraces kids who are bright, intelligent, creative, independent, risk taking, inventive, strong willed and charismatic. We call them "Quick Smart Kids!" Join our program and get a bumper sticker that reflects how proud you are of your children - just the way they are.

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