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Do You Sell Supplements?

Does the Results Project sell supplements?

No. We are a support group and a children’s rights advocate that believes in supplements, but does not sell, endorse or promote one brand. We do recommend “when lab testing proves” that you are depleted in your basic RDA that you need supplements to go buy some. We provide our participants with information on how to pick an organic, toxic free, bio-available product that has proven efficacy. We also have nutritional consultants who can recommend products that meet our standards.

Why doesn’t the Results Project sell supplements?

Even if a man has been crawling through the hot desert without water for 4 days and the Results Project offers to sell that man water, some people and companies will accuse us of praying on the desperate and helpless. If the Results Project sells B-12 from out website after people have taken a lab test proving they are B-12 deficient, sure as shooting, someone is going to call the test a fraud and accuse us of forging the tests solely for the purpose of selling our B-12.

Haven’t we recently seen Steve Plog selling supplements at seminars?

No, not Steve personally. Steve has been hired by people selling supplements in health food stores, online, from direct sales and private label representatives. My job is to come in and do my regular presentation on the need for lab testing for nutrient depletions. After my job is done and people are sold on the idea of needing supplements, I step down and the company that invited me to speak takes the stage and presents their supplement line. Mr. Plog is an International public speaker who has been the Keynote speaker for the PTA, Learning Disabilities Association, the Counseling Association as well as PEN-ON of Canada.

What supplements does Steve take?

Mr. Plog’s personal belief is that no one company has the very best in all categories. When you consider that we have Vitamins, Minerals, Essential Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, Herbs, Antioxidants, Pro-biotics, Pre-biotics, Phytonutrients, Glyconutrients, Phytosterols etc, it would be moronic to think one company has the very best in every category. Most companies have a flagship product that they have spent most of their time, research and money to develop. Steve uses the flagship product from several companies on a daily basis for his wife, daughter and himself.

What do we hope to gain with this stance?

The Results Project is recommending labs that don’t try and sell you supplements after proving you need them. They get paid on the lab test results, not on what happens afterwards. So you get unbiased results. They are provided and recommended by the Results Project who doesn’t sell supplements. What we will accomplish with this stance is proving you need good nutrition to battle the drug companies who try to discredit supplements in any way they can. Big Pharma is always pointing out that people who sell supplements are only doing it for the money, but when they sell drugs, it’s for your own good?
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