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Lab Test With Home Study Course

If you have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Bi-Polar, Asperger's syndrome or Depression, from someone like a psychiatrist or psychologist then click this link (Causes) and see if any of the symptoms you�re taking drugs for appear under nutrient depletions or toxic metals.

All the symptoms listed on the previous link can be validated with a scientific, evidence based medicine lab test and the results documented (Lab Test). You can order that very same lab test from $200 to $300 from a family doctor or you can get it included with our 4-month program for $149 if you join our home study program.

Did you get a visual evaluation instead of a test? That�s where the doctor just talked to you for awhile and asked a lot of questions. Did you get a written evaluation? That�s where you filled out a lot of paperwork answering a lot of questions. Did you get a computer evaluation? That�s where you answered a lot of questions on a computer. Then you did not get tested, you got evaluated.

If you had a blood test, was it to test your liver for current drug toxicity to see if it would take more medications? If yes, then you still haven�t been lab tested for the cause of your symptoms have you?

In other words, so far you don�t have any scientific facts, forensic evidence or lab tests to back up the diagnosis which amounted to little more than an educated guess. You also went through no process of elimination for other possible causes for your symptoms, did you? Did your psychiatrist simply look at you and put you on medication and therapy which is neither safe nor logical?

Wouldn�t you like to once and for all find out what is causing your symptoms and work with people who see the positives and success traits in you or your child? We believe the most important tools to have with you when you graduate school is a great self-esteem and a positive attitude. According to every success book ever written those traits will do more for you in real life than just good grades. Being labeled with ADD will kill your self esteem.

We�d like to show you how to use those right-brained, creative, think out side the box, individualistic and charismatic attributes to succeed in school or work. Our 4-month home study program shows children and adults how to think like �Quick Smart Kids� not learning disabled, problem children or adults. We�ll show you how to set visual goals using Dream Board).

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