Here’s Why Adult Dating is Growing So Fast

Maybe it is just me, but the last time I used a dating app there was a surprising amount of older, adult women using it as well. And I’m assuming the same goes for older, adult men as well. It seems as though there is an ever-growing number of single adults looking to get back into game and I personally think it is pretty awesome. I mean, good for them, right?

Anyways, adult dating is on the rise and I’ve come up with 3 solid reasons why that is. Read on to learn why. Career Driven According to some people, a person identifies and resembles the type of job they have; no man or woman is better than what they contribute to society through their career and work.

Now this is an older way of thinking, something more prominent during my parent’s childhood most likely, which in turn led their generation to grow up with that mentality.

Due to this mentality, men and women became fixated on their careers and moving up in the ranks. They’d get to their office before the sun had rose and leave far, far after it had set, or sometimes even just stay the night there altogether. People became so focused on their work that they never made time to date and fall in love and start a family. And it is these people who are making adult dating grow so fast. It is the businessmen and women who are now secure in the jobs they’ve been striving for during the last 25+ years and now possess some extra time to start-up a relationship.

Divorce Culture America has one of the worst divorce rates in the world and it is causing some people to forego the marriage scene altogether. But for some, it is too late and they’ve already fallen guilty to the “but it won’t happen to us” trap. This is yet another reason why adult dating is growing so fast. As an already matured adult with the majority of your life already lived, including your prime years, most likely, the commitment of marriage can seem a little excessive and unnecessary. If having gone through a divorce, one understands the lack of importance a marriage title carries and how ineffective it can be in keeping people together.

So with divorce rates on the rise, there is an increasing abundance of single adults looking for the good times like they knew as younger people. Increasing Independence in Woman In the early to middle 20th century, woman were constantly pressured to grow up and immediately find a secure husband with a secure job who could support her and the family.

They were taught to take care of the kids and clean the house and cook food and, essentially, be a housemaid for her family. But that message is heard few and far between during modern times. Now, women are far less construed by society’s image and expectations for them.

They understand that they don’t need a man to live a secure and happy lifestyle, and they are exercising it to the best of their ability. This has created many single, adult women who while they still maintain their independence, they don’t mind it compromised every once in a while by someone willing to put in the work.