5 Ways To Get Positive Results On A Dating App

Whether it be a right swipe or a message back, it’s hard to secure any set plan or date when it comes to dating. Half the time you’re not even sure if you’re being catfished or taking any of the online conversation seriously, but it’s important to get the experience of actually talking to people on there.

If you’re not getting the results you want it can be an easy fix regarding your profile pictures, bio or your search criteria but don’t worry, we can turn your love life around.

1. Short & Sweet Responses:

I know it’s important to relay as much information as possible when you first start talking to someone but how about you don’t send an overload of statements that overwhelms the reader. Make sure you’re keeping yourself mysterious and not laying everything out on the table within the first couple seconds, scaring the match away.

2. Upload Conversation Starting Pictures:

If you have a rocking body that you just want to show off then so be it but make sure you’re uploading other pictures that represent who you are as a person. Whether you’re jumping off cliffs into the ocean or knitting on a Friday night, don’t put up a front to attract people that you wouldn’t’ get along with on a daily basis just for the swipes.

Get rid of the many duck face selfies or group photos of where’s Waldo and instead post a picture of you eating your favorite meal or hiking your favorite area instead.

3. Have An Imperfect Bio:

Yes, it impresses when you put your salary, height, and weight but what about the things that you’re not good at? It’s easy for everyone to list their skill assets but this isn’t a resume, and you’re still a real person with imperfections and flaws.

It may give a match something specific to message you about instead of the meaningless physical appearance comment as the first message. Whether you admit that you’re allergic to carrots or your best friend is your grandma, make sure you’re authentic and original with yourself because no one wants to be a walking cliché.

4. Laughed With, Not Laughed At:

It’s one thing if you make someone laugh but don’t be laughed at by coming off like an idiot. If you want to start a conversation with an intelligent joke or upload pictures you and your buddies find hysterical, make sure you’re not scaring off your potential dates. Pushing your humor on someone before they get to know you can end up blowing up in your face.

It’s important you have a similar sense of humor but know your boundaries when conveying it or you’re going to be the laughing stock of many different group chats.

5. Leave Them Wanting More:

Never end the conversation without asking a question or expecting them to do some follow up an interview with you. If the conversation isn’t flowing, then you need to rework your angles and try again. Whether it be the same person or a different match, make sure you’re persistent enough with the person you’re trying to meet up with so they know you’re taking this online dating thing seriously, not just a late night swipe.

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