3 Ways To Affiliate Market For Free

The whole concept of affiliate marketing is to have you make money not lose it. There is no reason start off by using out of pocket money, instead focus your energy on accumulating enough resources possible for success. 

1. Use Personal Blog:

Many affiliate marketers start out by blogging or even vlogging which has become a very popular trend in the social media world. If you already have an established set of subscribers or followers, then you’re a step ahead of the game. If not, all that needs to be done is for you to create one and start linking every blog submitted to all of your social media accounts. 

Whether it be with your Twitter, Facebook,  or Snapchat, preferably all three to gain more views on your posts. Once your blogs start being seen by all of your followers and friends, there is a higher chance of exposure since these social media platforms have the features where you can ‘share’ to which it would further the exposure of the links. 

Using a personal blog comes off more sincere and genuine as the audience will be more likely to believe the recommendations you’ve given out. The last thing you want to do is straight up sell and push a product or service on consumers so take a step back and relate to them by revealing your personal thoughts on what you’re marketing. 

2. Create Website:

With all of the various tools and techniques available online, it is extremely possible to create a website for free. The numerous free templates can be found, and with a little time and dedication, you can create a website of your own. By setting up a personalized internet site, it will differentiate you from all your competitors and give you the freedom to design and optimize it to your preference. 

Having an accessible and appealing site of your own will help you stand out and gain more traffic. The more effort and dedication you have to make your site the more profits that you will eventually see. 
Visuals and plugins on your site are the main sources for driving traffic to all your posts and pictures that can be seen on it. Making sure that all of your links are active and accessible is key to having the consumers know exactly where and how to purchase the products being marketed. 

3. Use Credible Sources:

If creating a blog and website isn’t up your alley, you can still post your recommendations and content on various sites. Whether it be on your personal social media accounts or a Yahoo Answers solid foundation that can be seen by multiple people. 

Having reviews posted on popular sites furthers your exposure rather than focusing on one channel of content. Linking up all of the credible resources will create a more credible voice for you virtually rather than coming off like a scam or virus.  

It’s almost like piggybacking on someone’s hard work and showing them the cherry on top. Not only it is a genius idea but very effective since you’re using platforms that have already been widely established and deemed successful by the social media world. 

Looking for more free affiliate marketing tips?  Head over to the marketing blog at justcash.com or check out the video below.